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  • Just Trying To Reassure The World

    Just trying to reassure the world
  • How to Layer Up to 4 Necklaces with a Spacer Tube

    How to layer up to 4 necklaces using a necklace spacer tube.  See how it's done.
  • Spring Break! Wild Eyed Butterfly Collection

    Wild Eyed Butterfly Collection - Unique & Beautiful, Just Like You, mix and match colors, each necklace and earring pair are custom made for you! with tiny Swarovski crystal butterflies in bright Spring colors!
  • Choose Your Payments with After Pay

    Shop Our Sale - Friday Night and use the convenient After Pay or Quad Pay for an easy installment payment plan!!


  • How to Use Our 3 Strand Necklace Spacer

    How to use our 3 strand necklace spacer tube we make for gold or silver necklaces.



  • Do You Know the Difference Between a Necklace, Chain, Choker, Charms and Pendants?

    Necklace vs Chain, Pendants vs Charms, Do You Know The Difference?

    Why is it important to know these terms?  When buying jewelry on-line, it helps to have a good idea from a products description to be able to visualize the size of what you are buying.  Let's look at the terms - 

  • Did you know? My Fun Tip for Buying Designer Make-Up

    Did you know? 

    The holidays are upon us and gift giving season is in full force. A little gift giving hint  for a girl in your life or just for yourself, is designer makeup!

  • How to Put Together a Trendy Minimalist Jewelry Look

    Trying to put together a minimalist style look with your jewelry?  There are a few tips to follow to achieve a trendy minimalist style look. 

  • How to Personalize Your Jewelry Style for 2020

    Wear jewelry that has meaning to you, personalize your jewelry look for 2020!
  • How to Become a Brand Ambassador at AR Today Charm Jewelry!

    BECOME A BRAND AMBASSADOR! AR Today Charm Jewelry is looking for you! Are you stylish and fashion forward? have an Instagram profile? We want you to be a AR Today Charm Jewelry Brand Ambassador! Just click and apply! We're looking for real people with a passion for jewelry and fashion. Earn a commission when friends and followers buy through your social media!
  • How Do You Keep Necklaces from Becoming Tangled?

    It is such a trendy look right now!  The minimalist necklace look with layering necklaces but there is one problem!  How do you keep them from becoming a tangled mess and caught up which can be very uncomfortable on your neck.

    Here are a few tips we use - 

  • Minimalist Summer Jewelry Combinations

    You see the look on models & celebrities, Instagram influencers and you want to  wear it! Here are a few style tips and Minimalist Summer necklace combos you will love to wear and show your influence!