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News for ARToday Charm Jewelry Co

  • How to Choose A Necklace Length & Measure Your Neck for a Custom Necklace

    Buying jewelry online gives you the opportunity, sometimes, to get just what you want so knowing what size length necklace chain for what charm is key to get your look. Here is a guide to choosing the right necklace length.
  • Tips for Creating You Summer Staycation!

    Tips to create a fun Summer Staycation!  from AR Today Charm Jewelry
  • Wild Eye Butterfly Collection

    Wild Eye Butterfly Collection featuring Swarovski crystal butterflies, custom made by AR Jewelry.  Create your own custom colors and have us create it for you.
  • Wild Eyed Butterfly Jewelry Collection featuring SWAROVSKI Crystal Butterflies

    New! Wild Eyed Butterfly Jewelry Collection  - custom minimalist glitz chain, many color combinations made just for you.
  • How to Add a Charm to Your Necklace Using Jump Rings

    Have you ever wanted to add a charm to a necklace you already own?  Here's how to do it.  If you need a jump ring, you local big box retailer or craft supply store should have them.
  • What is the Meaning in a Gold Coin Necklace?

    Gold coin jewelry trend is getting hot! Coins are a beautiful and unique expression of timelessness, power and good fortune! Coin necklaces are perfect for everyday wear, day or evening, lots of coins or just one. Mix and match co...
  • Just Trying To Reassure The World

    Just trying to reassure the world
  • How to Layer Up to 4 Necklaces with a Spacer Tube

    How to layer up to 4 necklaces using a necklace spacer tube.  See how it's done.
  • Spring Break! Wild Eyed Butterfly Collection

    Wild Eyed Butterfly Collection - Unique & Beautiful, Just Like You, mix and match colors, each necklace and earring pair are custom made for you! with tiny Swarovski crystal butterflies in bright Spring colors!
  • Choose Your Payments with After Pay

    Shop Our Sale - Friday Night and use the convenient After Pay or Quad Pay for an easy installment payment plan!!


  • How to Use Our 3 Strand Necklace Spacer

    How to use our 3 strand necklace spacer tube we make for gold or silver necklaces.



  • Do You Know the Difference Between a Necklace, Chain, Choker, Charms and Pendants?

    Necklace vs Chain, Pendants vs Charms, Do You Know The Difference?

    Why is it important to know these terms?  When buying jewelry on-line, it helps to have a good idea from a products description to be able to visualize the size of what you are buying.  Let's look at the terms -