What is Sustainable Jewelry?

What is Sustainable Jewelry?

Sustainable jewelry can have several different ideals attached to it.  The idea of being able to maintain or sustain without wasting resources is the main point. In a eco friendly world, we want to contribute not add to the warehouse industry of mass produced jewelry.

When you make jewelry for each individual order you are saving valuable resources, time and money.

All our jewelry is made to order, no mass produced products, we will customize jewelry for you which means we can combine necklaces, use different color crystals, make the size chain you would like. Jewelry from AR is truly unique to you, each piece made by hand and presented in our elegant boxes ready for you to wear, from special occasion jewelry to the everyday necklace you love, we make jewelry for you to be pretty and petite, to accent your style and taste.  Our minimalist style shows beauty can be simple and save our planets resources at the same time.

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