Our Story

AR was created as the place for
amazing, beautiful, dainty little things.

Envisioned as a shopping experience for the modern and in-the-know woman to find amazing, beautiful, dainty little things. 

We want your jewelry to feel like an extension of you. We combine our expertise for all things sparkly with an attention to detail unique to us, plus a firsthand knowledge of what women want.

Style comes first - but just because we've got expensive taste doesn't mean we have to make expensive jewelry. We produce our in-house  jewelry offering at the same places Fifth Avenue brands do, but crazy mark-ups aren't really our thing.  So you can always expect the most on-point pieces at prices and quality you can justify. 

We love creating and collaborating with women we admire.  We’re inspired by the power of femininity and its evolution, and are constantly driven by the ambitious ladies that forge the way everyday for future girls in the world.






Beautiful, affordable jewelry is our unique style. Our Collections are filled with customizable necklaces, chokers, earrings & layered pieces because we want to help you express your personal style in the way that’s truest to you. 

AR is for women - we are inspired by what you want and what inspires you.  Jewelry is a tiny reminder of your personal expression, style and attitude.  

Inspiration, Ambition, Dreams, Fearlessness 

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