What is Gold Filled Jewelry vs Gold Plate?

Accessories - What is Gold Filled Jewelry vs Gold Plate?

Solid gold is very expensive and is in the most expensive of jewelry you can buy.  Most jewelry companies work with gold filled and gold plated.  So what are you buying and what is the difference between the 3 types of gold?

Solid Gold means just that.  It is all gold through and through.   
  • Solid gold is very valuable and can be melted down, remade or sold so you can always get your money back and maybe even make money.
Gold Filled  - is a USA industry standard which requires a 5% of pure gold weight.
  • It involves bonding of 14k gold with heat to make a high quality durable jewelry product. 
  • Gold filled pieces have 100 times more gold than plated pieces.
  • 14k gold is very durable and long lasting if care for and stored properly.
Gold Plated - is a thin film of gold which is electroplated over a metal base.
  • A very durable type of jewelry but may wear off with heavy use or dirty conditions.
  • There are different types of gold plate, some better than others. 
  • When you see the term gold plate over 925 silver or Vermeil gold plate, this means that you have a thick layer of gold bonded over sterling silver which makes the jewelry very durable and the sterling silver has a value.  

What do we use?

  • We use14k gold filled chain in all of our necklaces and gold filled components so your piece is durable and will last.
  • Our charms are either 14k gold filled, vermeil gold plate over silver or standard gold plate. Check the listings for details on your necklace.

Why do we use gold filled?

  • Gold filled will not rub off or discolor under normal wear, it has the same look as solid gold but is much more affordable.  
  • Gold filled is a harder surface than solid gold.  It is not recommended you wear a solid gold piece everyday because it is soft and not very durable.

    Person - What is Gold Filled Jewelry vs Gold Plate?

    Gold filled is also good for people with metal allergies as it should not cause allergic reactions.

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