Trendy Minimalist Style Summer Charms to Wear

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Trendy Minimalist Style Summer Charms to Wear

The trendy Minimalist style in jewelry can be found in cute dainty summer charms that will be a conversation starter and look great with your summer attire. 

 rose gold mermaid shell

Choosing a summer necklace that can go from beach to nightclub and look great with any outfit is the key to finding the accessory you will love to wear, a carefree casual necklace, a minimalist charm, a cornerstone of your summer style!

Natural themes in minimalist charms typically represent themes like the beach, summer gardens and small creatures of the summer days.

The ocean and beach themes are well represented in the minimalist style.  Shell charms are a popular style and make a pretty necklace.  The beauty of a sea shell made into a tiny gold charm you can wear has a magical quality to it.

The clam shell or mermaid shell has beautiful lines to it and can be easily worn in different metal colors.

gold clam shell charmrose gold mermaid shell



The Sand Dollar is a unique simple charm, with detail on both sides of the charm, in rose gold, it is a warm, shiny charm necklace.

The spiral shell, a tiny detailed shell, visions of hearing the ocean if you put the shell to your ear. 

Sea creatures are a beautiful minimalist charm to add to your summer accessories! 

Our shiny seahorse and starfish give just a hint of the beach and those warm summer nights!

Charms from nature like the creatures we see in the summer months, like our dragon fly and tiny bee can have a fun and spiritual meaning staying within the minimalist style.

Our beautiful Gingko flower, a symbol of longevity, slightly curved with detailed leaves, a beautiful natural charm.

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There are many simple, elegant, beautiful summer charms, we are just showing you a few of things we like in minimalist style charms!

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