Choosing the Perfect Jewelry to Accompany Your Wedding Day Attire

5 Things to Think About When Choosing Wedding Day Jewelry

1.  Dress Color

2.  Hair Style

3.  Dress Neckline

4.  Wedding Budget

5. Personal Style

All the decisions you must make, the dress, the hair, the colors. Traditional diamonds and pearls for your wedding day is always a possibility but really the possibilities are endless! That's what makes it so confusing!  

Heres are some tips to help you make your jewelry decisions.  

1. Your Dress

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You have chosen your wedding day dress in the color you love.  Your jewelry should be a compliment to that gorgeous gown.  Even if you have picked a white dress, there are many varied shades of white.  If your dress is a pure white, that could be very bright and silver  would be most complimentary to that.  Multi-faceted crystals or pearls with gold accents may be a choice if your dress is a warmer shade of white or ivory. Consider rose gold if your gown is a shade of pink. 

If your gown has many decorative aspects, keep this in consideration in matching the style with the jewelry you choose. 

2. Your Hair source:pinterest

Depending on if you plan to wear your hair up or down, this will help you decide on picking the right jewelry for your day.

If you plan to wear your hair up, choose earrings that are not long or dangling. Short drops or studs give an simple and elegant appearance. Keep in mind your necklace - choose a piece that will not overwhelm these types of earrings. Match pearls to pearls or crystal to crystal jewelry.  

If your hair is down,  choose longer, dangling or sparkling earrings to show through your beautiful long locks.  If you are not wearing a necklace, your choice should follow your personal style of what you feel comfortable wearing.  You don't have to stay with the traditional pearl or crystal.  Statement earrings can be tassel earrings or drop earrings, try Vintage Earrings.  Check out your mom's or aunt's jewelry drawer for some inspiration.

3. Your Neckline

There are many types of wedding dress necklines.  In order to compliment your gown, consider these neckline tips -

High Necklines and Sweetheart Necklines - for these necklines, don't choose a necklace that has too much going on.  Choose a  smaller, softer piece that will not distract from this beautiful neckline. Focus your jewelry accent on the earrings, wear a pair of statement earrings, like chandelier earrings.

V-necklines - anything goes, a simple pendant or a more decorated necklace are all possibilities.

dress neckline chart from

chart courtesy of

4. Budget - You don't have to spend a lot of money to achieve the right look.  Vintage shops, your own relatives jewelry box can be sources of inspiration.  

Remember you only have to wear it for 1 day or if you choose wisely, simple, elegant jewelry can be worn long after your wedding day if it fits into your everyday look.  

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to wear your wedding day jewelry everyday to remember that special moment in your life instead of putting it away in a keep's sake box?

5. Personal Style

Be Yourself - Love the way you look.  

Don't wear something that you would not normally feel comfortable wearing.  If you feel good wearing the jewelry, your confidence will shine through.

Jewelry should be a compliment to  your personality and style.  There is so much to choose from, it can be overwhelming but don't be swayed away from your own style. Sometimes the saying "less is more" is so true. Simple, Elegant, Beautiful wins it every time.

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