Summer Care Tips for Your Jewelry

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Summer Care Tips for Your Jewelry

This Summer keep your jewelry in the best possible condition with these tips!

 Tip #1

Many reasons not to wear your jewelry into  lakes, pools or hot tubs, you risk the chance of losing your jewelry.

-Which makes this next tip easier to follow

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No chlorine or saltwater! Chlorine and saltwater can damage and discolor metals and erode the finish.

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Take off jewelry when applying sunscreen, lotions or in the shower, these agents can dull finishes and damage your jewelry.

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Remember to wipe jewelry clean after wearing with a soft non-abrasive cloth. This will enhance the jewelry's luster and ensure it is clean.

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Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place, use a fabric lined jewelry case which has dividers so jewelry will not get scratched.

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Follow these tips and your jewelry will look better and last longer!

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Have a safe and happy Summer!

Alyssa & Roberta

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