A Preview for Fall Trends in Jewelry

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Fall fashions are hitting the runways, what is the big take away for you to know ...

  The popular blog Glowsly  blog post on 2018 Fall accessory trends 

says "Charm jewelry is full of life and whimsy and allows the wearer to display the full extensiveness of her jewel-bedecked acumen.

 Olive Branch Charm Necklace from ARToday Charm Jewelry

Simple, elegant necklaces that dangle effortlessly from the neck are a dainty and feminine way of adding a hint of color or texture to a cold weather outfit. We love how a pretty and simple necklace can be layered up with scarves and a sweater for a cozy and breezy silhouette."

 Minimalist Charms

rose gold square charm necklace minimalist jewelry by ARToday Charm Jewelrytiny arrow minimalist style jewelry by ARToday Charm Jewelrysilver curved skinny bar by ARToday Charm Jewelry

"Fascinating and enigmatic shapes swept the runways. This asymmetrical fashioning retains a mysterious quality, an ineffable and alluring aspect that’s hard to pin down. Maybe the beauty of asymmetry is its enigmatic appeal – it evokes the chaos theory of nature and the cosmos. The contours and unexpected lines and contrasts play against our senses and captivate."

Glittering Costume Jewelry

"Elegant and luxurious jewels that were snatched right out of the antique armoire of a turn of the century heiress graced the runways. These were no traditional baubles, however. They were life-sized and dazzling in their rich and prismatic proportions."

handmade druzy charms by ARToday Charm Jewelryhandmade druzy charms by ARToday Charm Jewelry


"Chokers came back in a major way a few years ago and they have sustained a momentum rare for accessories. For the fall/ winter 2018-2019 jewelry trends, chokers got a luxe upgrade with molten metals and thicker constitutions. They contrasted elegantly against the smooth skin of the models’ collarbones and in many cases they added a breezy glamour to a dainty and feminine silhouette."

gold coin choker disk necklace minimalist style jewelryheart ball choker necklace, minimalist style jewelry


"The appeal of layering jewelry is twofold. On the one hand it is a stealthy and fearless way of wearing your bling on your sleeve. On the other hand it is a way of playing with texture, shape, and design.

Combining different metals, sizes and lengths creates an eccentric and playful aesthetic. Though you may be trying hard to achieve the look, the result is generally effortlessly irreverent. Stocking up on multiples doesn’t necessarily equate to looking over the top."


rose gold minimalist necklaces by ARToday Charm Jewelryminimalist necklaces by ARToday Charm Jewelry

Geometric Charms

rose gold eternity circle

"As far as shapes go, circles made a lasting impression on designers for their fall/ winter 2018-2019 jewelry creations. Circles have an enigmatic appeal; they are simple yet contain dimension within their sleek and elegant form. The shape also lends itself to a variety of silhouettes, from industrial to tribal to futuristic."

Gold Hardware and Danglers

"Gold swept the runways this season in what amounts to a sartorial gold fever – designers just couldn’t get enough. We saw the metal feature across the spectrum from minimalist dainty chains to bulky hardware links. Gold pendants and baubles graced some of the season’s most innovative and lust-worthy necklaces, earrings, and bracelets."

Autumn Leaves

"When you think fall, you think of leaves right? The wonder of the natural world, the beginning of a new and refreshing chapter in the earth’s journey around the sun.

Leaves are something of an enigmatic symbol. They are delicate, whimsical, and elusively enigmatic. They contain secrets within their contours. Maybe that’s why leaves have such a gentle and magical feel – they are both soothingly bohemian and gypsy approved."

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