Minimalist Style Jewelry Tips

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Minimalist Style Jewelry Tips

Minimalist style is everywhere.  You can apply it to your interior decorating style, your lifestyle, your clothing style and your jewelry style.  I think the Minimalist Style is so appealing because it uses simple design elements, high quality and the absence of crowded looking spaces makes for a calming, centered, sophisticated look. 

How can you achieve this look?   7 tips to design your Minimalist Jewelry Style

1- The Single Necklace with a small charm 

You may prefer Gold over Silver or Rose Gold over Gold, either way, a single stand necklace of a simple cable chain that is small in it's millimeter diameter, which holds a tiny charm, between 3 and 10 millimeters which slides on the chain is a good minimalist focal point for the eyes.  Pair that with small geometrical earrings like a tiny bar, of the same metal color as your necklace, or connector earrings make a great pairing.  

Spike Triangular Earrings $21.00          Hand Stamped Karma Necklace $33.00

2- The Connector Charm 

These are small charms that instead of hanging freely on a jump ring, they are connected on each side to your necklace.  Simple themes in connector charms, like a small branch or geometric shape like a triangle that rest slightly below your collar bone can be easily accented by another simple chain that is longer.

artodaycharm jewelry

              Soaring Sparrow                        Petite Gold Triangle


This leads to layering necklaces

3- A simple slide on the chain initial charm with a skinny bar connector necklace on a longer chain and our 3 layering necklace combination with a shiny gold disk necklace and a petite gemstone with the Chevron connector completes a style that is Minimalist with just a touch of color, add any gemstone you love.



4 -  Lariat Necklaces  

 An Instagram favorite of models and fashion bloggers, this delicate chain necklace can be worn with another shorter necklace.  It is so versatile, you can reverse the lariat and have the long part hang down your back for a chic fashion look with a low cut back. Usually the center of a lariat will hang low near your cleavage and have a center drop with a small accent on the end.  Vertical bars or gold or crystal spheres on the end are also popular.  True lariats have one side of the chain that slides through so you can adjust the drop length.


       Pearl and Leaf Lariat                                  Gold Feather Lariat

Those that don't slide and are attached to the center focal are knows as "Y" necklaces.  They look like lariats but you can't adjust the drop length.

5-  the  "Y" Necklace 


                           Y necklaces with CZ connectors and spike

6 - The Choker 

Once a fad of the 1970's, the Choker chain has made it's way back into the main stream with more trendy styles and beautiful metals. 


Lower cut shirts and shirts that show your neckline go better with a choker chain.  Most chokers have extensions on them which makes them adjustable to fit many neck sizes. 

The popular gold coin choker looks great on it's own but can also be paired with a simple lariat for the Minimalist Style. 

7- Gemstone Jewelry 

There are several differen types of Minimalist Style gemstone jewelry.  The popluar Druzy charms come in many colors, shapes and sizes. Cut crystal in briolettes or teardrop shapes are simple and add color to your attire.

            Triangle Fan Necklace                    Pastel Crystal Briolettes

             Pearl Bead Bar                         Crystal Bead Bar

So where do you start? A few simple pieces will go a long way.  Your shopping list will look like this:

1. gold choker

2. small connector charm necklace

3. delicate lariat with a vertical gold bar

4. geometric gold earrings

5. small gemstone necklace longer to layer with chain

6. stackabe rings plain or with tiny gemstones

7. tiny charm that slides on your chain

For the really trendy style, visit a New York Fashion Week YouTube video to see what the runways are up to!  It's good to try new styles and the Minimalist Style is achievable for everyone, some trends come and go but good taste, simple clean lines, versital jewelry pieces you can wear for many different occassions are the 2018 best jewelry style looks!

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