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Meaning Behind a Gold Buddha Necklace

Buddhism is the worlds 4th largest religion and also a way of life as a philosophical doctrine.* Many variations of Buddhism have developed in our modern times and there are different thoughts about wearing an image of Buddha.  Strict religious Buddha devotees may find it offensive if you are not in a Buddhist religion.  That being said, wearing items with the Buddha image, like jewelry,  can remind us to practice the teachings of Buddha and encourage us to live our daily life with patience and kindness. It may help us keep our thoughts peaceful and practice non-violence.

 gold buddha necklace

There are many forms of Buddha jewelry and the importance of the symbolism to Buddha is recognized in jewelry with a meditation posture of a full body Buddha.  The Buddha is often sitting on a lotus plant which represents spiritual qualities. When purchasing Buddha jewelry keep in mind that it is a reminder of your practice and should deepen the commitment to mindfulness and spiritual living.

There are other symbols of Buddha jewelry like the lotus flower, tree of life and sanskrit symbol charms. 

gold buddha necklace 

 *exploringyourmind.com 9.12.20

written by staff member ra 2.10.21


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