7 Tips for Layering Necklaces for the Fall Season

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The stylish trend for layering necklaces is easy to accomplish with the right style combinations for the look you want. 

You can layer necklaces and show your personality with a beautiful display of various sizes, colors & charms without looking overpowering or mismatched.


Here are 7 key take aways in designing your necklace choices to layer.  

 ar today charm jewelry co

1. The current popular trend for minimalist jewelry suits layering perfectly.   Choose a geometric shape combined with a minimalist accent necklace and thin hammered curved skinny bar completes this look.

 layering necklaces ar todaycharm jewelry co

Your Design Strategy = 

 geometric charm  + dainty accent necklace  +  thin simple chain


2. Crystal can be a more formal way to layer your necklaces.  Our Swarovski Crystal necklaces shown below gives a blueprint to combining different shapes and crystal sizes.

We used a teardrop, cubist and spike in an AB clear crystal color.  You can also use colored crystals to match your attire.

swarovski crystal layering necklaces 

Your design strategy =

teardrop crystal + small accent crystal + geo shape pendant


 3. Contemporary ideas in jewelry include the popular Lariat Necklace seen here with a dainty good luck charm and bar necklace.



Your design strategy =

dainty small charm necklace + bar necklacelariat


4. The trendy style of Bohemian clothing for women can also be reflected in your accessories.  Pair a natural bead necklace with a solid charm that can be hand stamped combined with a third element necklace like a gemstone.

ar today charm jewelry co 

Your design strategy =

  gemstone   +  disk charm  +  beaded necklace


5. Layering necklaces involves a certain amount of personalization. 

Add a monogram or initial disk to your look along with charms that reflect your hobbies or likes, or add a zodiac sign instead of initials. Here we combine a bar initial necklace with a zodiac sign on the round disk and add our favorite sea charm to complete the look. 

ar today charm jewelry co 

Your design strategy =

 medium size disk necklace + small charm + bar necklace 


6. Don't forget about the other metals, Gold is always fashionable but Silver can lend a unique look to your outfit.  Add color to your layering with a gemstone as a simple way to complete the look.


ar today charm jewelry co 

Your design strategy =

dainty accent charm  + mid length gemstone + long pendant 


7.  Rose Gold is a beautiful complimentary Fall metal to add to your necklace layering look.  The popular rose gold adds a sparkle like gold but has a unique quality that makes it stand out.  We combined our tiny rose gold puff heart with a crystal bar and a geometric triangle pendant.

 ar todaycharm jewelry co


Your design strategy =

dainty charm + crystal bar + spike triangle necklace 


What matters the most is that you want to be comfortable with your look and choose the type of metals and gemstones that fit best with your lifestyle and budget. 

Explore and try different combinations until you find what is right for you!

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