Jewelry Gifts for Your Bridesmaids?

Jewelry Gifts for Your Bridesmaids?

Choosing a "Thank You" gift for the special gals in your bridal party who are there to help you on your wedding day is a big responsibility.  

You have so many thing to think about, now choosing a thank you gift is added to your list!

 photo of a thank you card It is important to show your gratefulness and appreciation to the people who help make one of the most important life time events be a special day for you and your groom.

But how do you do that?

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Personalization is always a way to give a unique one of a kind memory gift. There are many things you can personalize.  

To start with selecting a gift, think about the theme of your wedding.  

Is it very formal or a more casual affair?

Is your bridesmaid team all of a certain age group or are they varied in age?

Is there a group activity that you plan to participate in prior to the wedding day?  

These are some of the questions to ask - then think about the individuals personalities of each of your special attendants.  Depending on the size of your attendant group and budget, this will be a major factor in your decision making.  

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There are speciality shops that engrave everyday household items like Tumblers or Keychains.  

Etsy is a shopping platform with tons of specialty shops with great prices and unique gifts to personalize.

If you are having a night before get together at a spa, putting together special cosmetics bags with the nail polish colors, lipstick or special eye shadow colors, hair pins and a engraved brush set or compact mirror make a fine gift. You can personalize the bag with your bridesmaids first name.

cosmetic bags

If you are choosing the jewelry for your Bridesmaids, this can also be personalized in several different ways.  

The first would be the obvious, buying a monogram or initial necklace.  Many of these come in Gold, Silver or Rose Gold and a gem can be added to compliment your wedding day colors.  

Buying matching necklace and earring sets that can be worn long after your special day will be much appreciated gifts to your bridesmaids, find a shop that can match the necklace with earrings so you have a complete set for them to wear on your wedding day.


Another way to personalize jewelry is where ever you are buying your jewelry, see if the shop can included a personalized card with each of your bridesmaid's names as a keepsake for them or presenting your jewelry in a personalized gift box or engravable jewelry box can also be a very elegant and beautiful way to give your gift of appreciation.

You may want to make your Maid of Honor a special jewelry purchase, just a slight variation of the bridesmaids's jewelry.  Ask your jewelry shop if they can customize a set for you.

Try to keep with your wedding day theme, it is easy to get sidetracked with all the beautiful jewelry to look at, but keep to  Simple, Elegant, Beautiful lines in your jewelry and you will be happy with the results!


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