How to Put Together a Trendy Minimalist Jewelry Look

Necklace - How to Put Together a Trendy Minimalist Jewelry Look

Minimalist style jewelry trends are going strong and we can see why.    

Your choice of affordable gold and silver jewelry that allows you to show your style with tiny minimalist charms, mix and match necklaces, add some tiny rings and minimalist earrings.  

There is something for everyone with minimalist jewelry.  Putting together a look with minimalist style jewelry has a few trend rules you can follow for your perfect look.

Here are a few tips - 


Clothing - How to Put Together a Trendy Minimalist Jewelry Look 

Keep similar geometric shapes together when combining necklaces. 

Mix one larger circle charm with another  smaller circle necklace and

add a interesting chain.  You can mix 3 necklaces like this without

being overpowering and achieving the minimalist style look.


ar today charm jewelry modeling necklace

 Half moon charms are popular minimalist charms to use in necklace



ar today charm jewelry model

Sometimes one necklace is enough if it has multiple charms

like our custom made CZ heart chain. 


artoday charm jewelry

Take a favorite charm necklace like this tiny cz cross and combine

it with a simple chain necklace and choker for a simple minimalist

display with your favorites.


ar today charm jewelry

Use the same metal colors when doing combinations.  If you want to

combine charms, 2 necklaces may be the way to go.  The charms should

be dainty, tiny charms for a minimalist style.


ar today charm jewelry

Hearts are always a fun charm to combine.  Our tiny gold heart with a curved

gold skinny bar make up a combination minimalist style look.

Tiny charms like hearts, stars, dots or other geometric shapes make a good basic start to achieving a minimalist look.  

The minimalist jewelry look can be fun or serious, always organized and should be in line with your true fashion style.

Include your favorite charm necklaces with a minimalist style chain and you will 

have the look!

Visit us for your trendy minimalist style necklaces and earrings! 

We will custom make your necklace and please ask us if you can't find a charm or size that you would like, we may be able to help you out. 

Our shop has some of our favorite minimalist charms translated into jewelry.  

Text - How to Put Together a Trendy Minimalist Jewelry Look

ARToday charm jewelry heart ball choker chain necklace

Happy Shopping !!

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