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How to Clean Swarovski Crystals

We are asked this question, how do I clean my Swarovski crystal necklace?  Here is a quick answer we love from the Fire Mountain Gem Blog.
What product do you recommend for cleaning Swarovski jewelry? After a while the bracelet will accumulate a bit of the oils produced by the skin. What do you recommend for cleaning the crystal without harming the crystal?
- Gina    
Swarovski recommends washing your crystals in a bath of lukewarm water combined with a small amount of a mild detergent, such as dishwashing liquid. You can use a soft, natural bristle brush if you'd like. Rinse under running water. Dry with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth while wearing cotton gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints. Do not wash the Swarovski simulated pearls--these should be buffed with a soft dry cloth.


Some designers advocate using alcohol-based baby wipes, window cleaners or windshield fluid to cut through body oils and restore sparkle. Swarovski strongly recommends avoiding sonic cleaners, boiling water or jewelry cleaners for cleaning montées, cupchains and headpins. Jewelry cleaners contain ammonia or alcohol which damages the plating on these components.


For polishing other components in the piece, experiment with a variety of cleaning and polishing cloths to determine which best meets your cleaning or polishing needs.


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