How to Choose A Necklace Length & Measure Your Neck for a Custom Necklace

Accessories - How to Choose A Necklace Length & Measure Your Neck for a Custom Necklace

When buying necklaces that are made to order and not already made up, you may find you have many size choices in the chain.  Then you have to decide what look you are going for and how long the necklace should be.  

The necklace is there to accentuate your best features and add flattering appeal to your overall style and look.

Most custom necklaces range from 14 inch(35CM) up to 22 inch(56CM) for a very long pendant.  The average necklace size which is most popular is 16 or 18 inches.  

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Chokers - you should measure your neck if you are buying a short chain to know the necklace will fit when it arrives.  Take a soft tape measure like one used in sewing and gently wrap around center of neck area. 

Take that figure and add 1 or 2 inches so the chain wont be too tight to wear.  Check to see if your choker purchase comes with a chain extender or if one can be added on.  Chain extenders are little chain pieces, usually between 2 and 4 inches, that hang on where the clasp is. 

This is a great way to have comfort in knowing you have that extra chain in case your measurements were a little tight. 

The chain extender doesn't get in the way if you don't use it, and it makes your necklace adjustable so on days you want to go full choker, don't use it and on days when you want more of a short necklace look, use it.

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Short Necklace Chains draw attention to the neck, so no neck wrinkles, short chains are great!  They usually have some sort of adornment in the middle that is eye catching for the viewer.

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Longer Necklace Chains accentuate the collarbone. Necklaces 18 inches + are long chains. Most large pendants look good on a longer chain.

Take into consideration your attire.  Short chains are great with almost any attire, especially V necks.  If you have a high neckline, a longer chain that hangs down will look more appealing.

Body types also weigh in on what looks best.  For the not so tall, long chains can be over powering and distract from your style. Smaller dainty chains and charms will flatter you more.

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Flatter your best features - small bust, long and layered chains, fuller face avoid chokers and very short chains, a medium size chain will be more flattering.

If you are still unsure, 18 inch(45CM) is the most common size and is right in the middle of what is considered short vs long chain. This size lends itself best too many types of fashions.

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When we do a photo shoot, our models wear 14 or 16 inch necklaces, for reference.

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So don't be afraid to buy a custom made to order necklace, you got this!

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Keys to Measuring Your Neck for a Custom Necklace Length-

Take a soft fabric tape measure or if you don't have that a long piece 

of string or ribbon will do. Place around center of neck firm and add

2 to 4 inches to that number for a comfortable necklace fit.  If you

are using string, simply cut the string where the two ends met on

your neck and measure the string on a ruler, then add the 2 to 4

inches to that number for a loose fitting necklace.  For a choker,

add 1 inch.


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