Hot Jewelry Trends in Minimalist Jewelry 2021

ice crystal choker necklaces

Hot trends in fine jewelry for a New Year! 2021 is all about color, natural themes, thin lines and tiny trinkets.  Here are a few of our popular picks for you!

Beach beads and Summer themed charms take us forward looking for better times ahead filled with parties and warm weather fun.

cowrie shell necklace

rose gold mermaid shell

Color in any form is fashion vogue for 20221! Geometrics and natural themes pave the way for lighthearted fun to wear jewelry and flattering styles.  Huggy hoops are still riding high in fashion.

butterfly earrings

Swarovski crystal butterfly necklace butterfly choker necklaces

ice crystal choker necklace

ice crystal choker necklace

In sticking with a theme of a new year, life returning to normal slowly and public socializing will be back in our lives, so let's start small with tiny earrings. Tiny earrings in all kinds of animal shapes, geometrics, tiny pearl and crystals for a minimalist accent, not overdone, light and fresh.


heart earrings

Staying minimalist, long earrings with thin lines go with a ton of styles and flatter the face.

star earrings

 butterfly earrings

If color isn't your thing, solid plain metal is trending in the fashion world, pick your favorite and keep the metal thin and wear it with a look of combos of rings, earrings and necklaces for a boho chic style, layering necklaces or stacking rings.

boho rings

coin necklace

sequin coin necklace

Combine geometrics with color and the minimalist trend, tiny Swarovski cubes make a personal piece of jewelry with a  spark of color, cubes in gemstone tones without the cost of real gems, match the color to a birthday or choose your favorite. 

 Swarovski cube necklace

Swarovski peridot cube necklace


Inspiration and things that give us some inner peace and serenity in this world is our final 2021 jewelry trend we think you will love.  Symbols have long been themes in jewelry for centuries and have survived to this day, which means that these pieces of jewelry never really go out of style!

 gold buddha necklace

cz cross

rose gold wave necklace

hand stamped mermaid necklace

Let's end on a thought for our next year with hope and dreams!

hand stamped HOPE necklace

Dream tag necklace


post written by AR Today Charm Jewelry admin. RA 1/21/2021

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