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The Minimalist Style Jewelry continues to be the look everyone wants.  It's sleek, streamlined, beautiful, clean lines.  A look you can achieve.

minimalist style jewerly by ARTodayCharm Jewelry Co.

Minimalism is a style that involves a sense of balance, strong lines, muted color tones or metal tones.  An appreciation of the simple, elegant, beautiful, removing all non-essential elements and a maintaining high quality look should be the focus of your Minimalist Style.

Here are 7 Minimalist Style Jewelry Tips - 

1. Use of Color

To keep the Minimalist Style, your jewelry elements should include simple flat thin metal chain of gold, silver or rose gold being the most popular metals. If you want to add a color, make it a small addition.  A tiny birthstone or gemstone along with another simple element makes the piece personal to you and is in keeping with a Minimalist Style.



Adding a tiny Swarovski Crystal round birthstone to a Word charm gives you color and a geometric shape of the rectangular charm to make a personalized Minimalist style necklace.


2. Personalize It - 

Personalized jewelry with one initial on a disk or bar is the perfect Minimalist style.  Choose to personalized using a connector type of element on your necklace.  Don't pick fancy fonts,  a simple easy to read letter font works best.  Round disks, flat hearts, vertical or horizontal bars all make nice streamlined focal points on a necklace.

 personalized jewelry by ARToday Charm Jewelry Co.

Use of color and personalization all on one piece work well within the architecture of a Minimalist Style.  A single hand wire wrapped Swarovski Teardrop Crystal with a tiny gold leaf hand stamped with one initial, Simple, Elegant, Beautiful!


3. Use of Shapes

Geometeric shapes give you the clean lines and simple structure for the perfect Minimalist look.  A signature look that is stylish, streamlined and beautiful.  Even a large simple shape can bring the eye into a center focal point without being overbearing.  Shapes that are open in the middle have a brillant effect of power and essential element structure for the Minimalist Style.



4. Layering Necklaces

The best way to layering and stay Minimalist is to use same color metal of chain.  If you want to use Rose Gold, keep all your necklaces Rose Gold.  There are some exceptions to this but staying with the same metal color is an easy way to keep the Minimalist Style.  Use between 2 and 3 necklaces, make sure you are not using a heavy pendant or odd shaped charm.  Your layering should send a message of how you feel and the style thoughts you wish to provoke.

Rose Gold Necklaces for Layering by ARTodayCharm Jewelry Co.

Gold Necklaces, Initials, by ARTodayCharm Jewelry Co.












5. Tiny Charms

Tiny metal charms with no color other than the metal chain they hang from are a fun way to stay Minimalist and engage your personality.  A summer starfish or simple star are good choices but whatever charm you choose, make sure it is between 5 and ideally 10 millimeters in size.   

With charms you want to keep it small.  If the charm is small enough, use it to layer with a simple longer chain or a chain with  a skinny bar.


6.  Using Symbols

How about peace and tranquility in your Minimalist Style message?  Zen like signs such as lotus flowers, clasped hands, yoga charms all have that unique message of simple, streamlined essential element on your necklace.

 lotus flower by ARToday Charm Jewelry Co.

7.  Open Space

Minimalist Style uses open space to create a place for the eye to rest on and not have to dart around looking at many  elements hanging on a piece of jewelry.  Space creates that inner peace, a non cluttered look of confidence and style. 

 Open Rose Gold Circle, Minimalist Style Jewelry by ARToday Charm Jewelry Co.

Minimalist Style is a comfortable style that shows grace, balance and complete lines in jewelry make a Simple, Elegant, Beautiful form of expression and existence.



                Thanks for reading, be sure to Visit our Collections and enjoy!
Alyssa & Roberta


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