A Super Model's Vision of Minimalist Style

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A Super Model's Vision of Minimalist Style

On a recent interview, we were surprised to hear Gisele Bundchen's ideas of living a minimalist style and her active ways she supports that style.

Bündchen recently told Vogue she only keeps things she truly treasures, like a Balenciaga jacket she’s had since she was 17. Everything else she sends to her sisters in order to keep living as minimalist as possible. *

 Inspired ourselves and trying to keep the clutter from our lives by living close to nature, respectful of our choices, whether it be using our own bags at the store or  using more organic products, we love the idea that our own personal fashion style can be related to how we present ourselves from our clothes to the accessories we wear.

We choose our charms to represent a complete life full of fun, beauty and elegant simplicity.  

We love to offer special promotions to our faithful readers.  Since we live by the sea, (very close to it) our lives are filled with nautical scenes represented in our Summer Charms Collection.

Rose Gold Mermaid Shell                                   Rose Gold Sand Dollar

         Gold Sea Horse                                               Gold Star Fish

But our lives also involve non sea things for the summer much of the time, that's why we decided to include a little of our summer garden inspiration.


             Gold Ginkgo Leaf                                           Gold Dragon Fly




                 Gold Bee                                        Lotus Flower

We also like our beautiful summer nights around a fire enjoying the stars and our friends.


             Gold Twinkle Star                                           Crescent Moon


Defining minimalism in jewelry, we love the clean lines of a geometric shaped charm.  The simplicity of a shape can take on different meanings for the person who wears them.


             Gold Dot Charm                                               Open Circle Earrings

          Gold Chevron Necklace                             Rose Gold Triangle


Minimalism is colorful.  Using vibrant colors in a minimalist style can be the perfect way to match a special outfit or it might be just wearing your favorite color!


            Crystal Cube Earrings                      Crystal Bar in Peridot Color



          Glass Fan Charm                                   Ruby Red Crystal with Initial

Trendy bar necklaces can be a found in many forms and styles.  We love to create bars that go from fashion formal to your weekend fun.


          Pink Crystal Bar                                                 Crystal Bar 





        Mini Gold Skinny Bar                                Rose Gold Curved Skinny Bar




  We hope you enjoy all of our minimalist charms and custom pieces, and our special offer to you is use the Coupon Code 874ARSC at checkout for a 15% discount on all of the charms in the Summer Charm Collection!

As a special "Thank You" to you for buying 3 or more items, use the special Coupon Code 2964TCJ for Free Shipping on your order!

Thank for reading our post and stopping by our shop!

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